Recent events, meetings and field trips

On August 24 the Dade County Historical Society meet at the library in Trenon GA.  The meeting featured Ted ??? and Ken Pennington who spoke about the Civil War events that occurred in and around Dade County in September of 1863.

On August 24 the Dade County Historical Society meet at a local residents property that over looks McClemore Cove. Ken Pennington spoke about the location of Blue and Gray troupes as the events 150 years ago unfolded in the valley below where we stood.

Dade Co Historical Society's tour to Mr. & Mrs. Richard Houska's - Fricks Gap in Walker Co. GA

On September 8 the Dade County Historical Society meet at “The Depot” restaurant in Rising Fawn Georgia. After a wonderful meal and time to socialize we went outside to learn more. Jim Odgen a local expert on Civil War history spoke in detail and showed us maps and other documents that help us visualize and appreciate the Civil War troupes who were coming into Dade County. Ten of thousands of soldiers and there animals and wagons filled the valley in Rising Fawn and then went up and over Lookout Mountain into McClemore Cove on the East side of the mountain.

Historian Jim Ogden passing out Civil War images. Chickamauga National Battlefield historian Jim Odgen presented a tour presentation in Johnson's Crook.


Directly over the barn (photo below) is where 40,000 union soldiers made their way to the top of Lookout Mountain and then crossed over and down into McClemore Cove.

Directly over the barn is where 40,000 Federal soldiers climbed up and over Lookout Mtn at Johnson's Crook

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